Digital Marketing & Strategy

Digital marketing in the cannabis space is like navigating treacherous waters. We are here to change that and make it like the perfect high. Cannabis marketing in our specialty. We can help you blaze through the strategies, planning, managing, and executing without things going up in smoke. Whether it’s social media, analytics, pay-per-click (PPC), or influencer marketing, we’re here to help make your brand buzz.

Social Media Marketing

Your customers are on social media. We know this. You know this. But tackling the regulations for posting on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can feel like the worst kind of high. Wouldn’t it be dope to give your customers some blazing content to engage with? We help your brand become a beast with social media trends and connecting with your ideal customer. Pass us the blunt and let us take over your social media and content creation.

hand scrolling social media
web design wireframing

Website Design & Development

Having a digital place to call home is essential to your cannabis company. When customers go to search for you online, the last thing they should find is a Facebook page where your website should be. More importantly, when your audience finds your website, it should be high-quality and user-friendly. From brainstorming to launch, we deliver a unique site that will meet your company’s needs.

Product/Content Photography

Stand out with photography that will leave your customers in a daze. When your brand offers customer-facing products, it’s important that your products are shown at their best. Smoked Out Digital creates images that will set your website, social media, spreads, and marketing materials ablaze. With product and social media photography, your customers will get that stick icky goodness of your products showcased.

flat lay photography with bagels, prerolls, and fruit

Podcast & Video Editing

You have a smokin’ cannabis focused podcast that is taking off. Or maybe it’s a video series showcasing the dopeness of your brand. Your brand has a story to tell and we want to help convey your message. With creative and on-point audio and visual editing, customers with get all the smoke of your content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing comes with its own special magic. It has the power to make your customers loyal fans who pass your greatness to others. Reaching your customers by email can be the thing that fluidly guides them through your funnel. We create engaging and compelling emails. We build email marketing campaigns that communicate how your brand stands out among the rest.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

To be blunt, your brand needs to catch the eye of your customers and never let them go. Our SEO strategies establish your authority in the digital cannabis space. Keywords, analytics, and more are used to build an intricate plan to improve your site’s search engine rankings in order to grow more organic traffic. We keep your goals with SEO at the forefront of our campaign creation to ensure you get results. 

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